Monday 10-7-2013

A. Clean + Front Squat – 6 sets @ 85% or better
B. Push Jerk 5×2 reps – 10 sec support OH on second rep of each set
C. 3 sets 800m run @ 80% Rest 3min (THREE)


7 thoughts on “Monday 10-7-2013

  1. A) subbed BS doubles. 255-265-275-285-300(1). FINALLY!! Not exactly ‘bear’, but it’s been a long time comin.
    B) rack jerk doubles from the blocks 205-225-245-245-265(1)
    C) 3:14-3:15-3:25

  2. This is cool!
    A) 125-135-145-155-165f-160f…tired
    B) 85-95-105-115-115f (front rack not feeling good)
    C) 4:19-4:12-4:02 it got chilly, haha

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