Fri 10-25-13

A. Clean + Hang Clean – 7 sets last two sets tough
B. Strict Press from Jerk landing position 5×5 reps
C. 5 sets starting every 3min:
10 Burpees
400m run


2 thoughts on “Fri 10-25-13

  1. A. Was a complete failure on the re-grip combo of pussy and hand hurting. Worked up too 225 but couldn’t get the hang
    B. Well I didn’t see this was from the Jerk position and I made the mistake of just following Ian. 135-145-145-140-135.
    C. 2:17-2:15-2:11-2:13-2:18

  2. Rehab/Hamstring Mobility/Glute Activation

    4 rds alternating starting point:
    400m Run
    20 Burpee Pullups
    40 Air Squats
    50 DUs
    -rest 4 mins


    I earned my lunch today.

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