Tues 1-21-14

A. AMRAP 5min
10 Wallball 30#-10’/20#-9′
10 T2B
Rest 3min
AMRAP 5min
10 Ball Slams 50/30
20 Double Unders
Rest 3min
AMRAP 5min
15 Pushup
100m Run
B. GHD Situps 4×20 reps unbroken rest as needed


3 thoughts on “Tues 1-21-14

  1. RHR 49
    5 – WBs unbroken except for drops. T2B 10-10-6/4-5/5-4/3/3
    5+6 – DUs unbroken except 4th set.
    5+7 – normal pushup decay into 6th set
    B. 20-20-20-20

    Think I have been under-fueled lately. Going to eat a little less clean.

  2. A.
    3 + 19. no-repped myself quite a bit on this one.
    6 + 9. Double Unders felt really good and I was trying to catch Alex.
    4 + 3. Pushups went away FAST on round 4.

    B. Done. 90-120s rest

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