Tues 2-4-13

A. Row 5k for Time
B. Rest 5min after A. then do AMRAP 5min 30 Unbroken DU’s
C. Finish with CrossOver Symmetry and 10min goat mobility work


5 thoughts on “Tues 2-4-13

  1. RHR- 61

    A) 20:47
    B) 9
    C) Crossover recovery done. Additional mobility- hip capsule internal, hip capsule external, posterior flossing

  2. At one point I tried to take my hoodie off while continuing to row. I thought I was real clever until the seat decide to eat the back of my hoodie and halt me completely. #notsosmooth

    • Splits were 3:53/4:00.5 (headphones yanked cell phone out of pocket, lost about 10 seconds) / 3:57.3/3:53.9/3:35.3. Last 300m was between 1:27 and 1:33 pace

  3. RHR 47
    A. 18:37 – splits 3:46/3:46/3:47/3:44/3:34 – stroke rate 19/min through middle 1000s, 22/min for final 1k
    B. 7 in 9 attempts
    C. Plyo program CrossSymm

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