Sat 2-21-14

Easy recovery today. Restorative low effort aerobic work for 30min. This can be ATG, cycling, hiking, etc. Also 30min to work on 3 MOBILITY goats. Spend 10min on each of 4 mobility components


5 thoughts on “Sat 2-21-14

  1. A. Approximately 20 stations of fucking around usually 10 reps: rows(300m/800m), DUs(30s), WBs, HS hold, rope climb, power snatch 75#, clean to thruster 75#, WB + double squat, pushup to pikes, airsquats, bar kips, Medball situps, SDHP, Wall walks, strict pullups(5), pivoting duck walk, CTB pullups(5) etc. Just kept my heart rate up for 30 minutes and unfurled the solar sail for Vit D
    B. Crossover Plyo program + schnasty first rib mob

  2. Ouch. We had those when I lived in the mojave desert.

    Did actual ATG work today: Wallballs, KBS, DU’s, Hammer Strikes, MU turnover work, first rib and anterior/posterior shoulder work + crossover symmetry.

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