Tues 2-25-14

A. OTMA x 8min
Even: 6-8 Ring Pushups
Odd 8-12 DKBS 53’s
B. Row x 4
:30sec @ 80%
:30sec rest
Rest 2min
Burpees x 4
:30sec @ 80%
:30sec rest
**Burpees is a pacing drill to determine sustainable pace. Track pace / reps / how it feels.**

Get the HR up and feel good but do not go hard on any of this


2 thoughts on “Tues 2-25-14

  1. A. 8 & 12 across. Ring pushups felt awesome
    B. 1:31-1:33 pace for rows. Burpees: 17-15-13-16 or something like that. Different paces each time.
    C. Lots of shoulder mob, some CTB pullup work.

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