Wed 4-23-14

A. Sled Push – Build to a tough unbroken 15m in 12min
B. Press 10-10-10-10 @ 21X1 – compare to last tuesday
C. Log Clean and Press/Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 – all sets TnG
C-part FU: 10min bottom of the squat for fewest breaks


3 thoughts on “Wed 4-23-14

  1. A) 605# (thanks to T and the nooners for the push!)
    B) 95-115(9)-105-115(8) – 3 sets of 115 last week, but used the bounce. Used the tempo today.
    C) 115-135-155(missed last jerk)-155-155
    D) Unbroken. Focused on maintaining tension with an upright chest. Smoked my back erectors from lumbar to thoracic and my Achilles area.

    Carbo load day!!!! Yes!!!!

  2. A. 460 an ran out of time, could’ve gone heavier
    B. 115-115-105-105
    C. 125-145-145-165-165
    D. broke it up a few times

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