Tues 5-6-14

A. Squat 5×5 @ 85%
B. Press 5×5 @ 85%
C. Gwen
15-12-9 Unbroken C/J
D. 4 sets ME Strict Pullups rest 3 min


2 thoughts on “Tues 5-6-14

  1. A) 270×4-270(2) I feel really good about this since I just jumped in the squat cycle working off my all time 1RM
    B) 140×5 PR for a 5RM for 5 sets!!
    C) Totally shit the bed here. I was smoked. Thought it was 21-15-9 passing through a full squat. 135 ate me up quickly. Didn’t have time to attack it properly before coaching.
    D) 12-9-10-7

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