Mon 6-9-14

A. Snatch to a quick heavy single in 12min
B. EMOM x 10min
2 Snatches @ 75%
– Eddie and Ian from blocks @ pockets
– percentages are max, you may snatch below that weight
C. Bounding: 2 sets
Do 30m of each of the following in order:
High Skips
Single Leg Bounding
Broad Jumps
In between each 30m set do 1-3 Candlesticks


7 thoughts on “Mon 6-9-14

  1. A. 195
    B. 135 x 5, 145 x 5 – missed a couple on the back half but overall good
    C. subbed Wed rows b/c rolled ankle Sat – 1:40.2 / 1:40.3 / 1:39,0

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