Wed 6-18-14

A. 4 sets:
10 Burpees over Parallette
Run 200m
20 Air Squats
Rest 2min
B. Back Lever Progressions – 10 tough holds
C. Single Arm HS Holds 3 tough efforts per arm
D. Weighted Pass Throughs 3 x 10 reps 2.5-5lbs


5 thoughts on “Wed 6-18-14

  1. A. 1:25 / 1:26 / 1:29 / 1:38
    B. played around with some scales and could do it with a blue band almost
    C. Left hand 10 secs right hand was pretty much a no go except the third attempt maybe 3 sec.
    D. 5/5/5

  2. A) 1:28-1:29-1:59-2:04 (my ‘run’ became a crawl by the third set)
    B) got some solid full horizontal hold with the blue band.
    C) right hand 10+ seconds with feet together. Had balance issues on the left side.
    D) used the 15# bar

  3. A. 1:30-1:30-1:35-1:35
    B. got a couple of holds around 45 degrees with knees bent, just worked on midline control and not piking.
    C. Subbed 10 archer pushups per side, wrist
    D. 15# bar

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