Mon 6-30-14

A. Snatch E2M 1 rep @ 90% x 8reps
– Ian and Eddie from blocks @ hip for first 4 reps
** If you miss twice you’re out**
B. Snatch Balance 8×1 for speed to the bottom – when your feet hit the floor you should come to a dead stop.
C. 5 sets:
8 Alternating jumping lunges for height
Rest 2min between sets.
D. 3x 12 weighted pass throughs slow


4 thoughts on “Mon 6-30-14

  1. A) 166. Terrible tech for me today. Finally got the reps in though.
    B) 145×4-165-185-205(f)x2-185(f)
    C) done
    D) 15-15-20

  2. Gimp sub programming:
    A. Ring Handstand Tech
    This went pretty well. Had 4 HS holds of over 20sec, with a couple of pushups and near pushups and was able to lock into hollow body.
    B. 5 Tough Front Levers
    Did to varying degrees of success with red and purple bands. Prob need red and need to learn how to slow my descent
    C. 30 MU for Time

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