Wed 1-7-15

*Set 1 – 10 reps @ 50% of 1-RM
*Set 2 – 10 reps @ 60%
*Set 3 – 10 reps @ 65%
*Set 4 – 8 reps @ 70%
*Set 5 – 6 reps @ 80%
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

If you don’t know your current 1-RM you can make an educated guess, or you can use this calculator resource.

For full disclosure, I don’t love percentages and tend to adjust them for the athletes I coach based on what I see…but I can’t do that for you all, so without getting into a huge discussion on how best to calculate based on your individual abilities and muscle fiber types, let’s just stick with this simple, even if slightly flawed, calculator.

For time:
25 Wall Ball Shots (30/20 lb)
Run 400 Meters
20 Wall Ball Shots
Run 400 Meters
15 Wall Ball Shots
Run 400 Meters
10 Wall Ball Shots

It’s not required, but it should be considered implied that the wall ball shots should be unbroken for each set. If weather doesn’t permit running, you have two good options: (1) move to San Diego and train at Invictus; or (2) substitute a 400m row if you’re 175 lbs or less and a 500m row if you’re over 175 lbs.

Rest until the clock reaches 12 minutes, and then…

Five rounds for time of:
30 Double-Unders
15 Kettlebell Swings (32/24 kg)

Three sets, not for time, of:
Banded Good Mornings x 8 reps @ 30X1
Rest 45 seconds
Supine Ring Row x 8 reps @ 2111
Rest 45 seconds
Weighted GHD Hip Extensions x 8 reps @ 2012
Rest 45 seconds

Optional Additional Session
Perform only if you have time for two separate sessions separated by at least 3-4 hours.

Four sets for Max Calories of:
3 Minutes of Assault Bike
Rest 60 seconds
90 Seconds of Hip Flexor/Quad Stretch (tighter side)
90 Seconds of Hip Flexor/Quad Stretch (other side)
Rest 60 seconds


3 thoughts on “Wed 1-7-15

  1. A. 225-265-295-315-365. Dead stop on the floor on each rep
    B. 10:24
    C. 5:02 with Russian KBS – tweaked shoulder so I’m not going overhead for a few days.
    D. Done.

    Optional conditioning completed:

    AB Cals were 47-46-46-48

  2. A. Based off 420
    B. 11:29 UB & Rx
    C. 8:57 Rx (30 seconds of rest really sucked going into this on. I could not stay on the KB)
    D. I was working on borrowed time today. Couldn’t get this done.

  3. A. 245-285-315-345-385 – all with stop at bottom. Last 6 were strung singles. Hard.
    B. 9:14 UB
    C. 7:45 Rx with jumprope failure round 4 =/
    D. mildly accomplished

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