Mon 4-20-15

Workout of the Day
Five sets of:
Front Squat x 1 rep
Rest as needed

In five sets or fewer, build by feel to a “heavy” front squat. Once the load feels heavy and your barbell speed is noticeably slower, move on to part B.

Six sets of:
Halting Snatch Deadlift + High Hang Snatch + Snatch
Rest as needed

You are allowed to drop the barbell from overhead after the high hang snatch, then reset for the snatch from the floor.

Back Squat
*Set 1 – 5 reps @ 65-70%
*Set 2 – 3 reps @ 75-80%
*Set 3 – 1 rep @ 85-90%
Rest 2-3 minutes

Every two minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
Back Squat x 4 reps @ 85%


2 thoughts on “Mon 4-20-15

  1. A) final set – 365
    B) Worked up to 165 and stayed there for 3 sets
    D) 385 for all sets. Felt better than last week, definitely not easy

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